Latest News in Shrewton

The Methodist Diary for May is now online. Don’t forget we are still in April with much going on.

The Annual Parish Meeting has been set for May 7th and will be held prior to the monthly meeting of your Parish Council. Everyone is invited along and you will be given a warm welcome. The draft Minutes April 2014 are now available – that has been the case for just a few months – previously only approved minutes were added. However, the minutes for the 2013 Annual Parish Meeting remain in draft and are yet to be published! With a bit of luck that will change this year and you will be able to see what occurred rather earlier.

The March report for the Shrewton and District WI covering many subjects is now available here.

Waste and recycling collections for Easter bank holiday will not be affected – collections as usual on scheduled collection days. We are reminded that we must have our bins and recycling containers out by 7am on collection days
Of course that’s fine if you know when collections will happen – here is the Waste Collection Calendar until August this year – you can get more information from the Wiltshire Council website.

If you happen to see any large Army trucks nipping down the High Street you might be interested in noting a number where you can lodge a complaint. It is 620 819. Any issues are taken up seriously with the offending drivers. Of course you still need to note the truck’s number – tricky while leaping into a hedge for safety!
It’s a pity we cannot have a number to call for commercial vehicles!

The approved minutes for the Parish Council Meeting in March have been added. The draft minutes for April have also been added – but note they are subject to change. Also added is the Chair’s report for March which was covered in the April meeting. Previous minutes are archived on this site – click here to see them.

It’s that time of year again! The Rec Committee are holding their AGM on April 23rd and everyone is welcome. Please support this invaluable local resource by going along on that Wednesday and hearing about what has happened and their future plans.

Our Police Commissioner has been out and about holding “Meet the Commissioner” events – the latest in Chippenham in February. The notes of this meeting and the presentations given by the Deputy Chief Constable and Mark Davey, from Youth Adventure Trust, are on my website and can be found by following this link:
The next “Meet the Commissioner” event will be held in Trowbridge on Wednesday 4th June 2014 at 5.30pm at County Hall, Trowbridge.

I am delighted to be able to add the Arrowhead (except the cover!) right here  as Part I and Part II for you to view. (Be patient as it might take a little time for the large file to load.) It comes courtesy of Sally who does an outstanding job editing this large publication which is so very widely read in our community. If you like reading the Arrowhead online, then please let me know via our feedback page.

There was a meeting on 24th March about the issues on the A303 including the rat running we are familiar with. Wiltshire Council have, with the help of the Police, Highways Agency and other groups set about doing a traffic survey to understand this more fully. There are a large number of sites - including Shrewton High Street – where various monitoring devices will be added. The area being monitored extends from the Bulford turnoff of the A303 to the A360 as it leaves Shrewton for Devizes.

Andrew Shuttleworth has written an inspiring summary of proceedings when this group met on the 24th March which you can find on his WiSBAng blog spot at:- You really ought to read it through. It also describes some of the seemingly absurd issues surrounding any changes considered to the A303.
Of course, don’t miss the STAG blog either. They were delighted that our MP, John Glen, was able to raise the issue of dualling the A303 in Parliament.

Following the well attended meeting of the 18th, Paul Timlett has sent an email to those addresses he can decipher – unfortunately not a lot! So if you did express an interest or were unsure as to whether or not to get involved, then you can read the email here. If you are interested in playing a part, and I hope you are, then you can contact Paul via

Reviews of the next three films to be shown by Moviola at the rec are now here. All excellent. See you there!

The April 2014 Newsletter covering all the antics on and over Salisbury Plain points out that access ways have changed – so please do NOT just follow Ordnance Survey maps! Check first. We also will say goodbye to Nigel Linge who has been the very informative spokesman and helpful contact for the MOD and helped on many issues affecting Shrewton. I am curious, as this also announces the Retirement of Lt Col (Retd) Nigel Linge. Not many folk get to practice retiring more than once! Still, we wish him the best!!

For those of our community who have been flooded, the slow process of cleaning up should have started. Attached is a section of the Parish Newsletter produced by Wiltshire Council on four ways to get some financial help with that work. Good luck with the clean up!

The Veteran’s March – fifth consecutive one – is set for 2014. Three items to look at – first is a poster with an overview of the march, second a poster with detailed timings of the march and third a letter inviting everyone to join in the march and carry the Emblem (last year proudly carried by the scouts). The march will pass through Shrewton on May 25th – it’s a brilliant cause and we won’t let them down.

If you are up to getting from Avebury to Stonehenge without sitting warm and comfortable in something using a motor, then this Sarsen Trail and Neolithic Marathon on May 4th may well be of interest! I wonder how arrival at the stones will be greeted by English Heritage security??!!

The public meeting of the 18th March was a great success. Nearly 90 people arrived – and many more seats were added. Traffic Management in Shrewton was very ably presented by Paul Timlett asking the question as to should something be done to improve traffic speeds – the answer was a clear YES and 25 people indicated they would like to be involved. This initiative will need the support and involvement of the Parish Council.
The Neighbourhood Plan was relaunched by the enthusiastic team members. 22 people indicated they would like to be involved – and the overall feeling was that a Neighbourhood Plan would be of value to the Community to help ensure the village develops as we want – not as someone else dictates! Their presentation and a lot more information on the neighbourhood Plan is available at their website. This initiative also needs the support – but not the involvement – of the Parish Council.

THINK-Road-safety signThe Shrewton Community Speed Watch team would love to have some more volunteers. Here is their new page – take a look and sign up! Already one of the most active groups in Wiltshire. Great record, great team, great aims.

Wiltshire Council urgently need foster carers, short or long term.  They have a campaign to Help to change a child’s life and will hold information sessions on Tuesdays 25 March and 13 May 2014 at 7pm at County Hall, Trowbridge and Tuesdays 29 April and 20 May 2014 at 7pm at City Hall, Salisbury. For more information call 0800 169 6321 or email and of course look at their online information at

The Draft Minutes March 2014 of the Parish Council meeting have been added along with, for the first time, the Chair’s report March 2014. This experiment is to allow early access to what goes on at Parish Council meetings rather than a month later. Do note that changes can be made before they are formally approved in April. The approved Minutes for February 2014 are also on line. Also available is the meeting Agenda April 2014 - which starts at 7:00pm in the Methodist Hall for comments on planning applications and discussions before the formal session starts at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Duck race poster 2014

Duck Race

The Methodist Church Diary for April 2014 has arrived. Lots happening as we approach Easter. The annual Duck Race will happen on Easter Sunday (which is 20th April) starting opposite the Methodist Hall at 3:00pm. Hopefully water levels will have dropped some more by that time or the race will be over in a flash!

Picture of a heavy truck

The 2 tonne limit being ignored again

You are probably aware of the 2 tonne limit (accept for access) for London Road. However, that road is also a nifty shortcut for people to use on their journey. One Army truck was caught on camera squeezing through but reports of grain trucks, removal lorries and many others indicate the weight limit is simply ignored.

As mentioned before there is a Public Meeting 18 March to be held at the Primary School starting at 7:30. That will cover two items of intense interest to our Shrewton community – Traffic Management which will consider options to help slow and limit traffic through the village (like the pictured truck!) and a relaunch of the Neighbourhood plan for Shrewton which would help control the future development of our community. 

Wiltshire Council has launched a new site called Active Wiltshire that is to encourage people to keep fit and active by providing information on sporting and recreational activity. Take a look and join in!

Shrewton Horticultural Society has compiled their agenda for 2014 – from talks about flowers to coach trips to gardens to the annual Flower Show. Looks like it has something for everyone! View the Horticultural Society News 2014 here.

The Environment Agency on February 20th, put out an interesting and informative update for Salisbury Plain – with a lot on groundwater.

There will be a lot of training on the ranges during March. Details, including days during 2014 that the Imber Range will be open are included in the March Newsletter.

Everyone is invited to the Parish Council meeting on March 5th at the Methodist Hall at 7:30 – and here is the Agenda.
One major topic is the Public Meeting on March 18th to discuss Traffic Management and the Neighbourhood Plan.
This is also a good opportunity to look at the revised Laundry Plans from 7:00.  You can see the plans of 14/01417/FUL online here – there you can add comment to the Planning Department for or against the plans.

Rebasing poster thumbnailThe Army Rebasing plan is to be explained at a number of Public Exhibitions from now to April 1st. See the poster for detail. They also have an informative newsletter – and this is the February edition. In addition, a Public Meeting is being convened by Wiltshire Council at the Wellington Academy on Monday 3 March 2014 at 7.00 p.m.,  so that communities can learn more about the MOD’s plans.

As mentioned before, a Neighbourhood plan for Shrewton could help control the impact on our community and will be relaunched at the Public Meeting 18 March at the School. 

Our Flood Warden and a team of volunteers have been doing sterling work with some 6 tons of sand collected, bags filled and delivered. The cost of just the sand and bag is £1.50 – and that is what is asked for on delivery. No profit. Nothing is charged for the work, time and carting the bags around. And the community has accepted and responded to this! Well done!
Our hope is that the worst is now behind us and the flood waters will recede over the coming weeks and those affected can start the long job of getting their homes back. Good luck!

The minutes of the WI meeting in February which looked at heraldry have arrived – along with an invite for the March meeting.

Wiltshire Council produce a Parish Newsletter with lots of local activities promoted. This week they are talking about their Health and Wellbeing Strategy, a new website to help people get active, library memory groups and the first wedding at County Hall, among other things. Follow this link…..

The DRAFT minutes for the Parish Council meeting earlier in February have been added. It is a bit of an experiment as the content is subject to change but hopefully the earlier access to what went on will be of interest.

The latest diary for the Methodist Church is available. Lots of activities to join in with!

The Department for Transport and the Highways Agency met on the 24th January to look at improvements to the A303/ A358/ A30 corridor – and here you can see the Draft Press Release. With luck there will be an announcement by the Minister in the autumn.
The message given is the importance – economically, socially and in every other way – of sorting out the A303 in Wiltshire and as soon as possible. However, the biggest hurdle for the Stonehenge area in particular, is that the A303 may not stack up economically against some of the competing routes.
So please promote the scheme with everyone and anyone prepared to listen! Read the STAG blog to keep up to date.

Community First have sent out their Newsletter and you should find items of interest from this charity. There is a permanent link to Community First from the Useful Links page which you see here.

We have some worthy advice from Elston Veterinary Clinic about caring for your pets teeth. Good to know – although getting to the clinic right now will involve a detour.

Salisbury Cathedral is making good use of their Willis Organ with a series of recitals during 2014.

Road closure changes! A couple of weeks ago, I added a message about Road Closures of A360 and B390 Chitterne RoadThat was tricky to understand and Sally came to the rescue with clear maps for Phase 1, 2 and 3. Brilliant. Unfortunately they changed the dates. Phase 1 and Phase 3 - both now August. Phase 2 only at night and probably between Feb 24 and March 28 . Updates will be added when things are clearer – so much for early warning! Let us hope drivers take the suggested alternative routes. 

The Horticultural Society held their February meeting and announced their plans for the March and May meetings plus a day out to Exbury Gardens which have been added to the Diary page.

Wiltshire Council is starting a new walking events. We all know being active is good for you – see their walking works poster- and the new New Starter Walk in AMESBURY will provide a gentle starter!

The Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living sent in a promotional poster - some excellent services which might be of interest ……

In October 2012, a team was formed to take the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan forward. The notes from all the meetings held are now available here! However, the number of people involved has dwindled – this is meant to be a community plan, not that of a few interested individuals. The relaunch is to take place at the Public Meeting 18 March at the School. You need to be there!

Here is the Shrewton Parish Council February agenda which I hope is of interest. These monthly meetings are open to all. If you feel the Parish Council should know about something or you’d like something to be done that would help our community, then come along, speak up and have your voice heard.
You can also contact the Parish Clerk – useful items are added to the correspondence part of the proceedings.

Click HERE for an update on the public meeting of the 18th March on the Neighbourhood Plan and 20′s Plenty Campaign as details firm up. The Neighbourhood Plan is gaining more interest as the impact of the MOD rebasing and the newly increased housing demands of Wiltshire Council are becoming better known.

With the latest rain it is worth a reminder of information sources and help lines. Call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 for advice if you have been affected by flooding or use quickdial 0452 for up to date flooding information. Or go online at for extensive information and advice.
To see the latest message about the flood alert for Salisbury Plain follow the link: Groundwater on Salisbury Plain.
Other contacts are:-
Environment Agency National Customer Contact Centre: 03708 506 506
Environment Agency Incident Hotline: 0800 80 70 60
Email for further information on groundwater levels or to report cases of groundwater flooding. Thanks to the Environment Agency for all of this.

You may be wondering when your various bins will get emptied! Wiltshire Council do have a Waste calendar but, maybe to save paper, they aren’t sending them out until March. Grateful thanks to Janice – I thought I must have lost my copy!
And you can also check the Mobile Library timetable on line too.

Groundwater and Till river flowsOn the joyous subject of water, I asked the Environment agency for information on the ground water levels at the Tilshead borehole. I’ve taken that and added information so you can see Groundwater and Till river flows on when the Till flows – and no surprise, the river flows when ground water is high! But it does appear that the flow starts when the level reaches about 88m and dries up when the level falls back below 83m. Given that the level is at 99.74m right now, we can confirm the river is a torrent! Well, I found it interesting! It might help us get a better view of when flooding seems likely and more positively, when the danger is over.

Here is an early word for your diary for the evening of Tuesday 18th March 2014.  This Public Meeting to be held at the school, will be for the Neighbourhood Plan and the 20’s Plenty Campaign.  It is expected to start at 7:30 with an hour for each subject providing information and answering the questions you are sure to have.
The Neighbourhood Plan would confirm what we, the residents of Shrewton, want for our community to 2026. That includes the option of NOTHING! Whatever your views it is very important that they are heard.
The 20′s Plenty Campaign introduces a lower speed limit and other measures to make places like Shrewton safer – with few pavements cars and trucks need to drive around pedestrians and cyclists!
More soon!

Shrewton’s flood warden, Den Parrett has received new information from the Environment Agency - and here is the Flooding from groundwater 22 January note from them. It covers a large area – of which Shrewton is a part – and it is clear that the waters will not recede any time soon, particularly with the rain expected over the next few days. The second page gives links and contact details for information – make a note of them if you have not already! Take care out there.

The Parish Councillors wish to let people know that a small increase will occur in the Council Tax this year, 2014/15. An explanation can be seen here.

With the current issues of flooding and road closures, you may be interested in getting regular updates – if so follow @WiltshireWinter on Twitter or visit for any road closures or services affected by the weather. The information is updated daily and this will continue until things quieten down again. Let’s hope that’s soon.

The latest notice of training exercises plus some byway repair work for February can be found on the MOD Newsletter February 2014The current one for January can also still be seen on the MOD Newsletter link from the “Useful Links” page. Good way to find out what the booms are all about!

Make a note in your diaries to come to a series of talks called Shrewton Shines remembers World War 1 by Colonel Christopher J Newbould CBE, a local resident and an expert on World War One Battlefields. He will be giving three different presentations at the Primary School, Tanners Lane, Shrewton. See the Diary for details of the presentations on the 23 January, 28 February and 20 March.

We have early notice of Road Closures of A360 and B390 Chitterne Road during February and March. Tricky to understand the wording but it affects the main road as it leaves Shrewton towards Devizes and Chittern AND the two roads after they divide. That should cause issues for some of us – so check those dates and times and plan some alternative routes.

The Methodist Church has updated their forthcoming events – take a look at all their activities Diary for February 2013.

This site is intended as politically neutral but a recent Press Release from our MEP Julie Girling is about raising funds for flood victims – you might be interested in that!

Wiltshire Council produces an informative Newsletter for Town And Parish Councils which includes numbers for you to contact Wiltshire Council should you wish to do so.

Shrewton Cricket Club has been considering a move to help their ambition of progressing to a higher level of league cricket. They are holding a public meeting on the 31st January for you to see and comment on their plans – these are the Plans for Shrewton Cricket Club. Go along and have your say!

It has been raining! Ground water levels have naturally responded and the Tilshead borehole has risen 7 metres in the last seven days! That has taken them from around 90m on New Years day to 97.44m on the morning of the 7th. A Flood Alert for Shrewton and the surrounding area was raised on the 3rd. And you might have noticed that the river started flowing on the 5th as groundwaters rose above the river bed – see recent years here. Last year the levels rose to about 20cm of the record 99.88m recorded some years ago – and flooding was very close for some residents. So we have just TWO metres to go!
Please help everyone by letting the Council know of any blockages and clear them up if they are your responsibility. And please check the pages here. The environment agency  gives details of all warnings and alerts as well as advice on avoiding and preparing for flooding and, if necessary, cleaning up after.

Please help! Doug Clifton is doing a local resident survey Stonehenge Local Resident Survey for his dissertation which focuses on the impacts to local residents of the developments at Stonehenge between 2009-2013. You might just have an opinion! It has been retweeted by Amesbury and South Today and is getting some good responses. Everything will be passed to English Heritage.

The new Stonehenge Visitor Centre opened on the 18th of December and visitors now must park at the new centre. All splendid. Until the carpark fills up that is. Then the visitors queue up on the road from the A303 to the centre – along with residents of Shrewton and nearby trying to get home, shop or make visits! Notes expressing the irritation felt are arriving, comments made on the STAG page on this website as well as the blogs for STAG and WiSBAng with pictures of the holdups.

The Salisbury Plain Twitter handle #modontheplain now has over 400 followers and if you’d like to follow them, then go to: This Twitter feed gives regular updates including firing times (including long firing weekends), low flying aircraft and noise, control of dogs, access issues, public safety, nature, conservation and issues relating to the Army Basing Delivery plan. There is also a newsletter which is regularly added to this site – see MOD Newsletter January 2014 for the latest news – looks like they will be VERY busy!

Wiltshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Angus Macpherson, has been getting out and about. A letter outlining plans for meetings has been sent to the Parish Council – and that includes a link to his web site where notes from past meetings as well as more details can be found.

You will be pleased to hear that the Range Opening Information line (01980 674763) is to be kept open. If you do need information, this is the number to call. It was the low number of calls that prompted the review – so don’t hold back!

New season films provided by Moviola that you can see at the Rec over the coming months have been added – check the Moviola Film Nights page for the full reviews or the diary for details.

One of the duties of the Parish Council is to review and make comment on planning applications. No doubt you are awareThumbnail Maddington House planning of the planning applications for the old Laundry and old School recently. An opportunity for you to take a look at these planning applications is given by the council – the next one at 7:00pm on Tuesday 7th January 2014 (yup, 2014 is coming soon!). This will review the application for a change of use by Maddington House. The Parish Council meeting happens immediately afterwards at 7:30 – you are most welcome to stay on for that if you’d like – this is the Agenda for January 2014.

Link to full size poster

Parish Council Minutes June 2012This website is managed by Shrewton Parish Council. If you’d like to know more about what goes on, please click the image.   The council meets on the first Wednesday of every month and you are most welcome to attend.Your help is sought to expand and improve the site. Blue Dog IT have kindly taken over the stewardship of the  website from 2012 to ensure its smooth running. Use the buttons at the top of the page to find your way around. Images will often have links – click to see what happens! Please use the “Contact us” page if you’d like to see your organisation mentioned, have interesting news, want to tell others of you planned events, have ideas on new information to add or to comment on any of the existing content. Use that page as well if your organisation wishes to apply for a grant from the Parish Council or you wish contact the Council on any matter relevant to the local community.Re-launched in April 2012, this site brings you information on local events, local organisations, the Parish Council, places to eat and drink, shops, accommodation, places of interest, the history and other information useful to both the residents and visitors to Shrewton. Plus current issues. Shrewton has a long history and Stonehenge, a World Heritage site since 1978, is just four miles to the east and brings many visitors to Shrewton. Much of Salisbury plain is also now part of the Defense Training Estates and used for military training. Shrewton also has an old round “Blind House” used to house prisoners overnight when being moved – pictured at the top of the page. Other places to see include St. Mary’s Church and the birth place of Cecil Chubb who donated Stonehenge to the government in 1918. The village of Shrewton has a population of approximately 1,700 and is situated in the Till valley on Salisbury Plain, twelve miles north of Salisbury in the county of Wiltshire. Shrewton lies on the old coach road from London to the West Country between Amesbury and Warminster. The Parish of Shrewton was formed with the joining of four settlements – Shrewton, Maddington, Rollestone and Homanton. We hope you find the site of interest – and if you are just visiting, well worth the time.