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I, the undersigned, wish urgent action to be implemented in respect of extreme volumes of non local traffic using the B3086 through Shrewton, as a “Rat Run” when the A303 is grid locked. A “Traffic Flow” reading needs to be carried out within the confines of the village. It needs to take place: Throughout a weekend during the school holidays from Friday afternoon and on into Saturday so that this can be compared with previous readings!
We further wish a 20mph speed limit to be implemented around our village. Clearer weight limits signage at the entrances to the village, especially at the Bustard Cross Roads. The present signs are being ignored. We also need clearer/larger signage directing traffic - LEFT at Bustard Cross Roads onto B3086 south, therefore taking non local traffic away from the village.
Ultimately, owing to the closure of the A344 and the resulting bottle neck at Stonehenge Bottom, we need the A303 to be dualled and a By Pass around Winterbourne Stoke. We see this as the only way out of the current situation which will get worse. Emergency services already have difficulty during peak hours, getting to accidents around our area and someone will be killed in our village/villages.

We would wish that our signed Petition is delivered to the following:

Mr Robert Goodwill MP – Under Secretary of State for Transport (Roads)

With copies to:

Rt. Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP – Secretary of State for Transport
Mr John Glen - MP for Salisbury
Cllr Ian West – Wiltshire Councillor Till Valley Division

Kind Regards,


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Thank you for your interest in STAG and for accessing our page….. The Action Group was set up because of the increase in traffic through our village, and the surrounding villages of Bulford and Larkhill since the closure of the A344, especially at weekends and school holidays.

Traffic chaos in Shrewton

Traffic chaos

The closure of the A344 at Stonehenge Bottom has had the effect of west bound traffic, backing up to Thruxton on some weekends, sending “sat navers” off the A303 and onto our back roads.

Some pictures of the chaos have been taken. More can be seen HERE.

It’s worth noting that the weight limit in our village is 2 Tons….Do you know the weight of your vehicle when fully loaded?  SUVs, MPVs large 4 x 4s and a large number of LGVs exceed this limit.  For example an average Range Rover weighs 2.5 Tons!

Councillor Ian West and a number of like minded people have worked tirelessly to draw attention to the worsening traffic situation in our area, which is why we created our petition and it has over 1300 signatures now! With signees from all over the UK and other countries. Wiltshire County CouncilThe Highways Agency and English Heritage are not listening and everyone is blaming each other for the increase in the traffic and the queues.

Our priority remains to support Cllr. West in his efforts to get the A303 dualled all the way to Cornwall. Ian’s letter published in the Western Daily Press on 13 September addressed to Rt. Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP Secretary of State for Transport.

If we all just sit on our hands, nothing will be done before someone is killed!!

Restructuring of the Long Barrow roundabout was done badly and only caused more problems. Now they want to improve the improvements!!! – but at what cost? The authority was given by the new Under Secretary of State for Transport: Mr Robert Goodwill MP following many complaints from users of the new layout and the fact that drivers use all three lanes to get into the single carriageways heading east or west. What did they do….put in some dotted lines!! An accident waiting to happen!

See more about the goings on with STAG including more photos of the chaos.
Look on:
The STAG Blog: – updated most days.
The WiSBAng Blog :
Also, on Facebook – Stonehenge traffic action group – stag

STAG proposes that the signed petition, along with the results of the on-line petition, should be passed to the following for action to be taken:

Mr Robert Goodwill MP – Under Secretary for Transport – Roads

Rt.Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP – Secretary of state for Transport

Mr John Glen – MP for Salisbury

Cllr Ian West – Wiltshire Councillor Till Valley Division (for information)

STAG: Stonehenge Traffic Action Group


111 Responses to STAG – Stonehenge Traffic Action Group

  • Wee Scottie says:

    Hey Mister, can this comments box be put further up please….’cos I missed it….didn’t scroll down far enough….other folks might to the same…Or….maybe a little comment after STAG could be: “leave a comment at the bottom of this page”

    • admin says:

      Absolutely no idea where the comments box can be placed! I will check our options. The idea of a note to look further down – or maybe a link to a “leave your comments (and sign our on-line petition while you are about it)” page would also work.
      Wee Scottie, you are a star.

  • Jim Pitt says:

    Hi, I am in full support of your actions. I have been in Larkhill working when a series of articulated lorries(6), coaches(7), etc passed through, all in the space of 5 minutes.

    In my opinion they should be forced to re-open the A344 until suitable alternative arrangements are in place. If we were able to get 100,000 signatures they would have to take note.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jim,
      Thank you for your comments and support, we have now got an online petition running on this page so please help us spread the word to get as many signatures as we can. We have until 7th October 2013.

    • phil says:

      I would like to add to this comment and point out something rather obvious to this person above….

      As in regards to Articulated lorries x6 and coaches X7 going through Larkhill..

      Point one being….thaat the Army base uses unmarked white coaches to move its troops around on and off salisbury plain apart from the fact that there is no weight width restriction in Larhill and the road is capable of these vehicle using it to no detrimentl fact ot any other road user i fail to see your point..

      second point is that on the road just outside shrewton you have a major sizes grain store named Wiltshire Grain…

      the articulated lorries you seen was probably moving the Grain that you use in the morning or in your bread as lets face it it is harvest at the moment and if your coming from swindown with a load of grain you are hardly going to drive down to A303 the down to longbarrow to come up through airmans cross to go to Wiltshire Grain…this is a major detour and really not good for carbon footprint etc…

      Also as for the signage aproaching shrewton and according to your own website wording asking if people knew the weight of their vehicle loaded etc being 3 tons fully loaded…

      I am sorry to point out that your sign merely says 2 Tons……

      That means any vehicle that weighs less than 2 tons can pass through…

      It does not state 2 tons MGW….

      this means that a 3ton van when empty weighs about 1 3/4 well that means with the signage you have up even though his MGW is 3 tons if empty he can pass through….

      whilst i sypmaphise with you regarding this rat run i can not see it changing….

      the changing of the structure of the longbarrow roundabout has made the A303 turn into a car park

  • Andy B says:

    Hi guys
    I’ve also recently been in touch with Wilts. County Council about the traffic problem, and am more than happy to share their responses with everyone if I can forward it on to someone to do with STAG? Also would love to sign the petition and contribute in any other way I can!

    • admin says:

      Hi Andy,
      Thank you for support, spreading the word of the petition would be greatly appreciated.
      The petition is now up and running on this page for you to sign, you are more than welcome to forward correspondence to us,

  • Justin Heath says:

    I am a Shrewton resident by night and Marketing / Public Relations professional in the environmental sector by day. I have already sounded out a range of journalists and suppliers (e.g. design, print & web) about a picket of the official opening for the visitors’ centre. I know from contacts at English Heritage and The National Trust that the ceremony will be a VIP event with a global guest list; a high profile (possibly televised) protest would, therefore, cause maximum embarrassment. Those media whom I have approached with a draft story and graphics (e.g. ‘RIP Shrewton’ on a Stonehenge headstone) are especially intrigued that it was a Shrewton resident who bequeathed Stonehenge to the world and that his blue plaque is directly on the rat run in question. In essence, and entirely at the community’s discretion, we have all the moral and visual ingredients to make a massive media splash, not least as a village that showed such public unity against adversity earlier in the year. I am happy to open up my ideas and contacts to the action group if, collectively, we feel my thinking is appropriate. Together we can make a difference, Justin Heath.

    • says:

      Thankyou for this splendid offer of support. I hope we are able to take advantage of it!

      Regards, Webmaster

  • Judie Webb says:

    Hi thank goodness to find some one willing to fight against the idiots who thought we should just sit there and take it.
    I too wrote to MP John Glen in August re the roundabout as well, as Shrewton and the surrounding villages being used as a rat run.
    I received replies from from Mr Glen, and I am sure he wouldn’t mind the emails being seen by others who are just trying to make life easier for everyone concerned
    I have signed the on line petition and shared it on F B and Twitter.
    And thanks again Judie and Bob Webb

  • Dee Terry says:

    I live at Hill Farm Cottages on the Druids Estate. The byway there is being used as a rat run by traffic escaping the jams on the A303 or cutting through to the A360 into Salisbury. One of my cats was run down and killed today, in spite of speed limit signs and traffic humps in the road. People are driving through this tiny lane like bats out of hell. It could be our children out there.

    • says:

      Thankyou for your email – very sorry to hear about your cat. Your message confirms that this problem really is very widespread – from around Andover to at least where the A36 crosses the A303. Studies on traffic speeds confirm that speed limits and speed bumps don’t actually do much to slow motorists down. Policing speed limits, weight limits and the like work very well – just not enough resource it seems.
      Regards, Webmaster

  • Hannah Arnold says:

    I was born in Shrewton and to see it becoming swamped with cars, lorries and army vehicles is very sad. I have a young child and it is becoming dangerous to walk to and from school with him now because of the fast flowing traffic. The lane I live on used to be quiet and not many cars used it but now, as the High Street becomes increasingly blocked on a regular basis, people are resorting to using Tanners Lane as a rat run at very high speeds. It is scary to walk outside at times.
    Maybe the introduction of “village only” or “no through traffic” signs on entry roads might help but, whatever the solution, something has to be done and soon.

    • Janice says:

      Thanks for your support Hannah and with the help of the petition being the voice of the residents of Shrewton and surrounding area…maybe, just maybe someone will listen. Dual the A303 now!

  • Its a no brainer that the A303 should be duelled – why is it not happening?. We need boards up on A303 giving drivers the option to join this petition by text. If you had 4-6 boards we would have 100,000 texts in no time

    • David HASSETT says:


      Thanks for the comment; had a meeting with John Glen MP Friday 27 – he’s ‘on board’ with what STAGs trying to do. Jan was able on Friday PM to get approx. 130 flyers to those who were prepared to open a car window; what she needs is folks like you to suggest ways to help, and contribute. Thank you; can you suggest who can supply 4-6 boards for free?

  • Janice says:

    Hi William, yes I quite agree we need to get the people held up on the A303 to sign and the boards would need to go up by Friday of this week but I have eaten and slept STAG for a month now – free!…..I’ve been putting the posters out for the past 3 days in Shrewton and surrounding villages. I do have car stickers if you’d like one….it says “Dual the A303 now” and where we need it dualled etc.

  • David says:

    I read with interest all reports before me. As a resident of Winterbourne Stoke. I live and sleep nearest to the carriageway approximately 4 metres. The sheer number of vehicles this year must have increased significantly and since the new Long Barrow roundabout the queues are the worst ever. After the recent Glastonbury Festival the A303 became a 3 lane carriageway. The third lane formed by vehicles queuing for the petrol station and traffic still making their way through in both directions and ignoring the markings on the Pedestrian crossing. The speeds are generally to fast as can be seen by the skid marks at the crossing. I also have some filmed evidence of overtaking on the crossing. How many more lives will be lost until someone listens and are made accountable. As a resident how dare we try and get onto the A303 with
    the tooting and abuse we suffer from the motorist in their hurry to get to the west country.

    • says:

      Your comments are appreciated. If you – and indeed anyone – has pictures of the queues, impatient driving “skills” and the like, do send them in and they can be added to the gallery that has already been started.
      Take care crossing!

  • Jackie Avery says:

    I am resident on London Road, only 100yds.up from The George. I wrote to Ian West of my safety concerns on this lower part of London Road.
    Above my house, is the Upper Backway,an unadopted road,for both pedestrians and cars accessing the London Road. In a car and on foot I am increasingly anxious that I shall be struck by vehicles hopefully going no more than 30mph as they appear through the trees from Larkhill. It might help to have a mirror sited above the turning. Also I would like to see a 20mph limit on this lower part of the road and through the High Street too. A young boy was killed on this corner, some years ago, and the footpath was put in, but pedestrians still have to cross the road to use it!
    I fear that the situation will only get worse, unless they finally dualise the A303 from Stonehenge to Yarnbury Castle. They have been talking about it for atleast 40 years!
    Jackie Avery

  • John Hallam says:

    I work at Larkhill and live in Tanners Lane, Shrewton. The increase in traffic on The Packway heading west through Larkhill is very noticeable, especially on Friday afternoons. It can take quite some time just getting out of the School of Artillery to go home. Came across an accident by 32Regt Officers Mess in Larkhill last Thursday, with a car on its roof. This was still in the 30 limit! It is only a matter of time before someone dies in Larkhill, and it will probably be a pedestrian and a child.
    My other issue is with the traffic on Tanners Lane. It has noticeably increased since the A344 closed, with people using it as a rat run to avoid the High Street. Some come past our house at quite a speed. Most who use it like this are probably local, to even know Tanners Lane exists. Some decent speed bumps and a 20 limit would help.
    The only real answer is for the A303 to be dualled ASAP, but they were talking about that when I moved to Netheravon in 1990, and probably before then.

  • Pumba says:

    Maybe the group should be call BLDSATG Bulford, Larkhill, Durrington and Shrewton against traffic group,
    Since the closure of the A344 and the major improvement of putting the lights at the roundabout ( i love sarcasm ), It has caused mayhem for all the villages along the ‘rat run’ route,

    The petition has been signed and this has been passed on, Its a joke along the A303 now, everyday, not just as it used to be on bank holidays and school holidays.


    • says:

      My thought was it could still be called STAG – with the “S” standing for Stonehenge since the traffic problems are centred there but affect so many communities for miles around.
      It is “Shrewton” right now – since it was the first community to start doing something about it! But everyone in Bulford, Larkhill, Durrington and many others you do not mention should add their voice.
      Good call Pumba!

  • Estelle Clark says:

    I regularly visit relatives in Shrewton and can confirm that the traffic situation is appalling and dangerous.

  • ..and just to add to the rising tide of voices campaigning for an end to the rat-running and for a bypass around Stonehenge, there is a new blog from Winterbourne Stoke: WiSBAng – Winterbourne Stoke Bypass Anger:

    Why WhiSBAng? – Well, on the rare occasions the traffic isn’t at a standstill, those are the noises we here as the traffic breaks the 40 mph limit, followed by the squeal of breaks, the tearing metal and the sirens of the emergency services as they scoop up the broken body of the latest unfortunate…

  • Justin Heath says:

    Put this date in your diary and make sure you have your passes ready. According to English Heritage themselves, “The 30,000 local residents living in and around Stonehenge can still take up the offer of free access.” Just 5% of us in a wholly peaceful queue on the day with some catchy placards would get our message across. Imagine the chaos if 10% turned up (that’s 3000 protestors). What about the administrative gridlock if 30% of us applied/re-applied for the free passes to which we are entitled under statute; that’s 9000 calls to process! As you may know, the procedure itself is stone-age, but English Heritage’s membership team will tell you how: 0870 333 1181

    • STAG says:

      This idea is growing on me….lets get together and do some planning….I’ve got my pass, have you got yours?! It’s easy, just take some identification with address into the library in Amesbury and the very nice lady called Janet, fills it out and there you have it – all set for the 18th December!!!

  • Ann says:

    When I go shopping on any day or time to Amesbury since the so called improvements, I go via Larkhill, as I won’t go on the 303 now as there always seems to be very slow moving traffic in both directions. This isn’t good for the people of Larkhill, and I’m sorry.

    • STAG says:

      Yes I know Ann, it’s upsetting that we, as locals have no alternative but to clog up the villages of Larkhill & Bulford just to get to the bank and back!

  • Sheila Giles says:

    It may take a very long time before alterations to the A303 improve the traffic situation in Shrewton. However, there is a simple solution to the dangers that pedestrians face when using the local Cooperative Store.

    Cars and vans are parking very close to the store thereby forcing pedestrians to take their life in their hands by walking into the middle of the road simply to gain access to the store’s entrance. It’s even more hazardous for wheelchair users or parents with buggies.

    It would cost very little to mark out a pedestrian walkway of perhaps 90cm (3′) in yellow paint making it quite clear to drivers that parking within the walkway is not permitted.

    • STAG says:

      Thanks for your support Sheila…actually this is one of the reasons I started STAG. I was almost run over when trying to get accross to our one and only pavement opposite the co-op. A “Grockle” car packed to the gunnels with kids, wife and holiday kit and without a look to left or right, the driver drove staight at me…..presumably stressed at being off route and kids shouting from the back for sweets and food. To get the paint markings, a note to someone in the parish council and they can bring it up at the next Council Meeting which is always 1st Wednesday in each month.

  • John Armstrong says:

    When the next traffic queue forms up the 303 three or four people with clip boards will soon have 100,000 signatures. How about it ?

    • STAG says:

      Thanks for the advice John, I was out on the A303 at West Amesbury last Friday and gave out 140 flyers with the web site address and asking if they were fed up with the queue….lets get it dualled. We can only do it when the traffic is actually stopped tho’ because the police may have questions to ask and we’d be accused of holding up the traffic….I’m game if you are!

  • Tony Bull Amesbury. says:

    Very interesting comments ,i will collect my pass tomorrow,and be only to pleased to turn up on the open day,i have been following this saga over the years ,but i doubt very much we will get a bypass ,the proposed waste of money and unwanted fast railway HS1 will be built first,before people get excited about A303 flyovers at Countess,they should think of the traffic noise and fumes locals will have to endure if that ever goes ahead ,as would the residents of W/S if the proposed flyover north of the village went ahead ,the simple solution is to join the end of the Amesbury by pass to the start of the Wylie by pass,not to the north of Winterbourne Stoke but with a duel Carriageway along the southern route south of Winterbourne Stoke away from residential area’s.

    But as this land belongs to english heritage they will not allow it ,in fact it would not be possible to make a compulsory purchase of english heritage land by law .

    So there we have it ,we are stuck with it .

  • Wendy A Haylock says:

    My husband Robert Haylock who shares my email address also wished to sign. The system objects so can someone add his name, please.

    • says:

      Sorry, but the online petition only allows one signature per emails address. Could you come to the signing of the paper petition on 5th and 6th October? Hope you can!

  • Roy and Judy Flint says:

    Longbarrow roundabout design is the main reason for the extra traffic chaos in our village and the surrounding area.
    The A303 from Winterbourne Stoke, heading east, goes from a single road to a double lane just before the roundabout. On the roundabout it changes to three lanes. Motorists ignore the road markings and and attempt to leave the roundabout into the east A303 in three lanes. These three lanes then go briefly into two lanes then back to one. Result, the blocking of the roundabout to traffic on the A360 from Shrewton, heading south,. Traffic from Salisbury heading north on the A360 is also prevented from crossing the roundabout blocking of the west bound A303 causing huge traffic jams. These jams are causing motorists
    to find ways around the problem, through our lovely village.

  • Anne Woodman says:

    I have also written to Minister for Transport, Minister for Roads, and John Glen, MP. My letter was answered by Senga Riley, from Bristol, very similar to the one I read on this website. John Glen also answered, says he is on the case, but I am not so sure he means what he says.

  • David Stevenson says:

    The description is incorrect, in my view. It’s not the closure of the A344 that has caused this, it’s the appalling design of the new Longbarrow roundabout on the A303.

    Having said that, I have full sympathy with the problems this has caused, and am signing the petition.

  • nikki hepworth says:

    I lived in shrewton for many years, my family are there and I visit quite often, London road is all ways busy, people push you to go faster than 30, as an old resident I know this road is dangerous and should be changed to 20.
    Also pulling out of furlong way is awful, you cant see whats coming either way, and with the traffic flow being so heavy its pot luck pulling out of there, one day there will be a serious accident.something does need to be done and sooner rather than later

  • Paul Timlett says:

    As someone who will remain nameless said to me at Area Board Meeting in Shrewton, we need to get a whole lot angrier. We were all far too polite towards those Council officials who stood by and did little to stop this happening to us, despite our warnings. A protest at the opening of the Visitor Centre is a great idea.

    Local residents have been completely ignored for decades by English Heritage, the Highways Agency and Wiltshire County Council. They have all got what they wanted and we’re now paying for it.

    In my simple mind there are three solutions. First, dual the A303 from Stonehenge Bottom to Berwick Down by-passing Winterbourne Stoke on the way.

    Second, introduce blanket 20mph speed limits in residential areas with 30mph being the exception.

    Third, introduce low cost physical constrictions that force vehicles to slow down. Planters and fences can be used as they are widely in continental Europe.

    One of these solutions costs a lot more and will take a lot longer than the other two. All are necessary. Rat running must become the least preferred option.

    Whilst I applaud the STAG petition, my concern is what happens next? We need a community action group that represents all the affected communities, not just Shrewton. It requires coordination and focus. We also need to get very angry indeed and make the politicians and officials that foisted this upon us listen and take action. And take action now, not after the fatalities start.

    • Stag says:

      Hi Paul, good idea to open it all up to the wider community and we’ve already decided to change the name to STAG…Stonehenge Traffic Action Group. The Webmaster has a full report on the meeting last Friday with John Glen and it should be going onto the page very soon which will commit him to what he said! Next week, we shall be targeting Larkhill, Bulford and Durrington tho’ we’ve had a number of signings from the poster drop already out in those areas.

  • If you are going to ask any awkward questions of public bodies such as the Highways Agency, Wiltshire Council, English Heritage and the like, that might be covered by the Freedom of Information Act, can I suggest you do so through the web site of What Do They Know?

    The reason for doing so is to ensure the correct answers, incorrect answers, obfuscations and downright refusals to answer get maximum publicity and are readily available on the internet to other researchers in the future. If you do it yourself, you might get an answer, but others might not see it.

  • Tim Stevenson says:

    Surely what everyone wants is for the A303 to be ‘dualled’, then all the surrounding problems should cease.

  • Stag says:

    Yes, good point Andy and we’ll certainly take a look when this weekend’s over!

  • Ian Townsend says:

    All of the above is relevant. I have known the area around Larkhill and Shrewton for over 50 years and the so called planners have completely failed in creating a practical traffic flow as part of their revamp of the Stonehenge Visitor Centre. Much of this is due to creating multi lane roundabouts that are fed by single lane roads. But the real issue is the closure of the A344 without creating a viable alternative.
    I have been part of the rather ineffective group trying to do something about traffic in all our villages for the past year or so – no one seems to have the drive to make anything happen. We really must now push this forward by pressing the Council and the DfT for real action. Co-ordinated action and anger may be the only weapons we have.

    • says:

      Let’s co-ordinate! Small groups trying to make big changes are unlikely to succeed – join forces.
      I wonder who actually did the roundabout design?!!

  • Rose Blake says:

    I think one of the most inprotant things in Shrewton is the provision of payements on all roads. I have lived in Shrewton for many years, 40 years ago I lived at the the top on London Road with two young children and walking down into the village was dangerous then and there was a lot of ‘talk’ about a footpath that has never materialized, I now walk in the village from the other direction with my Grandchildren and there is a great need for pavements without them it forces more cars on to the road just to go to the shop.

  • Paul Timlett says:

    Firstly, what a great weekend it’s been. Congratulations to the STAG team who have worked tirelessly on the petition. Over 700 signatures, I think, according to BBC South News tonight. If you discount children, that’s a significant proportion of the Shrewton population. I wonder how many didn’t sign, and why.

    I’ve just read the letter to Jan McKernan from the Highways Agency dated 29 July. What a disgrace, but only to be expected. Referring to Longbarrow this phrase says it all really “..the objective of the scheme is, as you know, to support the new English Heritage visitors centre…” In other words, the interests of the local communities are of no concern to us whatsoever. I wonder who’s concern it is.

    Interesting to see Andy Shuttleworth’s suggestion above. That’s the second person I’ve seen/heard raise this. Any suggestions as to what the awkward questions should be?

    Anne Woodman’s comment about our MP is interesting. Most MPs owe their positions to their party. I fear there are very few prepared to stand up and argue with whatever edict the party hands down. If the Department of Transport, or other Government department, says no to dualling the A303 then I suspect we can wave goodbye to any support from our MPs. I’ll be the first to shake Mr Glen’s hand and admit I’m wrong if he can demonstrate otherwise.

    So apart from the fantastic support from our local councillors, principally Ian West, we are on our own. And didn’t Dave Hassett set a great example on BBC South News tonight, blocking the traffic on the High Street and remonstrating with rat runners! That’s what we need.

    I’m a firm believer in using social media to spread news and information. By way of example, in all innocence I tweeted something on Friday which I thought would be seen only by the pathetically small number of people who follow me. As at this morning it had been re-tweeted over 400 times and seen by tens of thousands of people including one journalist on a national newspaper, a news reader on the BBC (not Paul Clifton!) and several EU officials in Brussels. If anyone knows how to really harness and exploit this media that would be truly powerful.

    • Paul,

      I think you are correct in everything you say about the use of social media. It is very definitely the way to go to keep attention on the issues. It is perhaps one of the key ways all the ‘youngsters’ (basically, anyone younger thane me!) in our communities can give us a real hand in spreading the word. Let’s try and get them engaged. We also need to direct blogs to those areas that will be searched when there is a problem – #a303, #wiltshire, #wiltscouncil, #englishheritage, etc.

      I’m trying with blogging ( ) and Twitter (yes – I retweeted many of the STAG-related tweets over the weekend – including yours) I’ll try and publicise any relevant FOIA requests that I can find, though I would ask anyone trying to generate them to link them all by including A303 in the title. It makes searching easier. Try searching the website to see what questions are already being asked.

      One or two of those already asked may seem a bit odd at the moment, but all will be revealed in due course; remember, more mischief can be made if you already know the answer you ought to get, but the authority either refuses to give you any answer or gives you the wrong one.

      Embarrassment of a public body isn’t a reason why they can legitimately deny you information, but they do sometimes try.

    • STAG says:

      Get tweeting then Paul…..STAG – STONEHENGE TRAFFIC ACTION GROUP!

  • John Dayes says:

    I am concerned about the weight restriction signs to the village. Whilst they state 2 tons except for access They also state except buses and coaches. Local buses would be covered under the ‘ except for access’ so why the notice. If the weight limits from other writers are correct, then a fully loaded range rover would be breaking the law but a coach with 59 persons, wanting to avoid the A303, wouldn’t. I don’t understand the logic of this sign.

  • Mrs B says:

    Dear Dear Shrewton! Could you not see this happening? Traffic was building up through there 10 years ago when we lived there!! Shrewton residents always have and always will keep their heads buried in the sand!!

    • says:

      Mrs B,
      You obviously met the wrong people! The many objections that were made were overruled and ignored in the planning process. What we see is what we foresaw.

    • STAG says:

      Mrs B…we’re certainly not burying our heads in the sand now! Over 900 signatures this morning in just 3 weeks!….hope you’ve signed!

  • Martin Baldwin says:

    There I was, someone who moved to Wiltshire in May and has been commuting along the A303 every weekday. I have made complaints on Twitter about the fact that the A303 by Stonehenge is unfit for purpose, which falls on deaf ears with English Heritage, Wiltshire Council & the Highways Agency. Having seen the congestion on it over the summer and I must admit that I reckon a lot of it could be resolved with more patient & considerate drivers, leaving space and not try to jump just one more car as it goes from 2 lanes into one & people using the lanes correctly at the Longbarrow roundabout & again not trying to use it to overtake cars when it is busy. I am sure that some well placed Police Officers could urge the selfish drivers out there to behave correctly.
    However I saw this and thought oh that looks good, however I then read through the comments such as complaining about ‘Grockles’, but I also drive a 4×4 which is under 2 tonnes (I have noticed all the small cars in Shrewton!!!), comments about enjoying watching some one block the road and remonstrate with ‘rat runners’. So now I am thinking why should I bother supporting what seems to be another small village NIMBYism rant? After all I pay my taxes, I even pay my council tax in Wiltshire, my vehicle is legally allowed on the road and I drive within the law, we live in a democracy so why should I not drive my car on a public right of way of my choice? Now as I travel home each evening down the A303 if I see a jam on my sat nag, I have a 15 minute cut off, if it is longer than that I am going to naturally chose an alternative route, which given the infrastructure in Wiltshire, will inevitably end up driving through someones village or passed someones house and actually there are not that many alternative routes.
    I then see a comment about putting signs up on the A303 to encourage people to sign the petition, but the comments on here have just abused the majority of your potential support. My point is this rather than blaming the ‘rat runners’ you need their support. I do not want to deviate from the A303 and have the constant speed up slow down and the havoc that plays with fuel economy, I want to use a trunk road as it was originally designed for to get from A to B speedily with minimum delays. You need the support of the lorry drivers, commuters, coach drivers, holidaymakers, businesses further afield in Somerset etc, so it might be a good idea to focus your anger on English Heritage, Wiltshire Council & the Highways Agency, rather than the people who are just trying to get about if you want maximum support.

    • STAG says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Martin. Actually, we all want the same thing here, and that’s the A303 to be upgraded at Stonehenge bottom and on to Berwick Down so that we can all get from A to B and get on with our lives, without annoying one an other, and yes, you’re right, we do need to focus on E H, WCC, and H A but up till now, they’re only listening to one an other. We’ve coped – quietly – with traffic cutting through our village for many years, making it less safe for the elderly, the cyclists, mothers and children and horse riders etc., and said nothing. This particular year, things are much much worse following the closure of the A344 and whilst we can’t blame anyone for not staying in the queue, we, as residents cannot go about our normal lives, especially on bank holiday Fridays through to Sunday without making allowance for the increase in traffic in our village. You seem upset that we have the tag “rat runners” and yes, we do need your support but can you explain why the so called rat run continues to be used even when the A303 is NOT grid locked….say Wednesday morning out of school hols etc…….

  • Murray Kent says:

    Change of name is excellent. In widening your appeal a visit to Robert Wiseman’s depot at Solstice Park would draw a lot of signatures and how about having petitions to sign at the Shell garage and hotel at Countess, the garage at the Amesbury crossroads, all local shops and mailing any regular haulier who uses the 303. On another tack I think that the state of the Countess and Long Barrow Roundabouts are a national disgrace. The signs says you are entering a World Heritage Site! It’s more like a third world country with litter strewn beside the road and a roundabout covered in thistles, scrub and ragwort, but don’t get me onto ragwort!

    • STAG says:

      Thanks for your support Murray. I’ll take your advice and get out to Solstice Park this coming week. Stonehenge Chamber of Traders are now on board and I they could take up the gauntlet in the area with all the businesses. John Glen MP mentioned STAG in Business Questions in Parliament last Thursday and Stephen Hammond wants to meeti me so things are evolving all the time.

  • Martin Baldwin makes some very important points and we all need to think about them most carefully. The rat-running – however dangerous, however annoying, however inconvenient, is a minor symptom of a much bigger problem – the inadequacy of the A303 for its entire length west of Amesbury.

    How many of us locals now use the “rat-runs” since the A303 traffic has worsened? Be honest, I know I do. Who in their right minds wants to sit in a traffic jam for hours on end when there might be an alternative? Not me, not them and I suspect, not you either. OK, there needs to be some sort of action taken to ensure very large vehicles aren’t re-routing onto roads which can’t take their length, or weight, and those that infringe other roads regulations, but aside from that – however much we might not like it – other travellers have exactly the same rights to travel those routes as you and I. In all honesty, what is a “local” anyway these days.

    I sort of disagree with Martin on two of his later points. First, whilst most trunk roads were “originally designed for to get from A to B speedily with minimum delays”. That simply isn’t true of the A303. It was an afterthought of the trunk road programme in 1958 and, west of Beacon Hill, it was never built to trunk road standards and has never been updated to meet predicted demands – hence the problems we have today.

    Second,Martin is not quite correct in suggesting that we “need the support of the lorry drivers, commuters, coach drivers, holidaymakers, businesses further afield in Somerset etc”. Even acting collectively, all the people in all villages in and around Stonehenge affected by the problems caused by the A303, the A344 closure and roundabouts designed by the brain-dead, are few in number and are a relatively insignificant minority of those who use the A303.

    Whilst this area is the ideal focus for an A303 improvement campaign, it is us who need to support the majority of A303 users: the lorry drivers, commuters, coach drivers, holidaymakers, and businesses both local, further afield in Wiltshire, the UK and Europe.

  • George Unsworth White says:

    Entirely agree that the 303 should be dualled, but a short term and quick solution to the Shrewton High Street and Tanners Lane problem would be to persuade traffic from Larkhill to turn left at Rollestone to join the 360 at the Stonehenge roundabout. This should be easily achievable with suitable road marking and signposting.

    • STAG says:

      Yes George, the Left Turn signs need to be clearer at Bustard Cross Roads….but poor old Larkhill still have to put up with the rat run from Countess Road etc. thanks for your support.

  • Justin Heath says:

    Looking at the list of villages that qualify for the Stonehenge pass ( ) makes me think about the various local arms of the MOD and its contractors (army, RAF, air corp, Qinetic etc). Could they be a powerful local and international ‘affinity’ group for the STAG cause? Where do they gather (clubs, messes, legions, community centres etc); what facilities do they use (shops, surgeries etc); what do they listen to (e.g. forces radio; do they have their own social media sites; who represents their interests (SSAFFA etc.)? We should engage with them through as many of these channels as possible – from leaflet-dropping to re-tweeting to petition signing sessions. Are there any forces volunteers out there who could lend their time and help us understand this crucial component in our community? Thanks in anticipation, Justin

  • Justin Heath says:

    One of the effects of the recently-increased traffic through Larkhill is a new morning ‘rush hour’ with a long Westbound queue building behind traffic trying turn into the army camp. Indeed, things are so bad that it must be impacting on the usual military precision of the camp itself. I drive Eastbound past this most mornings between 07.00 & 08.00 and would be happy to interrupt my own commute for a few days to hand out leaflets and secure signatures. Justin

    • STAG says:

      Thanks again Justin, 2 weeks ago, I put posters in to all the shops/fast food in Larkhill, Bulford and Durrington about the petition. You’re right, we need to target all those areas with flyers of which I have 4 different types: An A303 one, A letter box one and one that asks if they are cutting through because…. Graham Wright Cllr for Larkhill is now on board with us and I have e-mailed him all of these and other P.O.S. including the petition it’self. If you would like these too, I have no problem sending them to you….think I still have your address. Many Many thanks for getting involved…if I can be of help just let me know. We are rattling a few cages now – English Heritage want an informal appointment tomorrow with STAG and Spire FM interviewed STAG this morning.

  • David HASSETT says:

    Harking back to John Dayes’ entry over the apparent anomaly in the 2 ton weight limit (except for buses and coaches), this is for the buses going through to Orcheston, thence on to the A360 North, also for the school buses. This doesn’t apply at the Bustard crossroads, so any (59 persons coach) coming into Shrewton from that end would be contravening the 2 ton weight limit. The Army know this, so any white coach containing troops doing this has no exemption.

  • John Dayes says:

    I really don’t understand D. Haslett, the buses and coaches he mentions would be covered under ‘ Accept for Access’ and I am not concerned with Army coaches but I do have doubts about Tourist Coaches based in Fighldean using the village as a short cut !

  • Tony Bull Amesbury. says:

    Just read your letter in the journal Janice ,well written ,keep up the good work .

    • Janice says:

      Thanks Tony, I needed that comment. I’ve had a response from EH and not happy bunnies! They’ve copied me in on their response for next week’s issue.

  • David HASSETT says:

    For John Dayes,
    Re. the comment, John, try getting my name spelt correctly, please. Tourist Coaches based in Figheldean – sorry don’t know about Fighldean-I assume you meant the former; would be subject to the constraints I mentioned previously, i.e. the Operator would be aware that, if the coach came into Shrewton via the Military Road from Larkhill onto the B3086 S.P. Shrewton, Weight Limit 2 ton the driver would be contravening the Weight Limit restriction. Police and County Council accord on this view, therefore it’s an enforceable offence, and there are NO exceptions save the “except for access”.

  • Thank you Tony, I needed that comment – EH not happy bunnies with the letter and have copied me in on their response for next week. Had a bad day today all in all following meetings and updates etc., so you’ve cheered me up!

  • Tony Bull Amesbury. says:

    i just read the letter in the journal from EH representative ,,looks like its nothing to do with EH then ,,seems its all the fault of the highways agency and the DOT ,thats odd seeing how EH claim to have “closed the A344″in their own words too..

    If EH are so concerned about the A303 traffic congestion ,i suggest they gift some of their own land to the south of the A303 along the natural valley that runs from west Amesbury to the duel carriagway west of W/Stoke, so simple even a child could work that out,STONEHENGE WILL NOT THEN BE VISABLE from the A303, as it is now giving passers by a FREE show,result for EH coffers eh ?

    Then the highways agency /dot would not need to spend money buying the land .

    Yes i know about the area being rich in history ,,didnt bother us when an airfield and the A303 was built on this land did it ,or when the Amesbury bypass went through the Amesbury Abbey and the Vespians camp.

    Any artifacts found during road building could be displayed in the new visitor centre ,double wammy..

    Keep up the good work people,i have my free pass and will be at the opening day.

  • Tony Bull Amesbury. says:

    Just for the record, i am sitting in Amesbury watching the westbound traffic queueing outside my house having left the A303 at solstice park , i presume the cornish lorries i see will be going through Amesbury town centre to link the A303 west of the avenue .

    As i arrived home i noted the road over from the A303 to Bulford was also stationary from the A303 .

    It is 3.00pm on friday the 25th of October ,,hardley a summer day ,nor a bank holiday .

    Yesterday i did a round trip from Amesbury to Redruth ,leaving Amesbury at 0700 and returning at 15 10 .

    i mention this as it is a monthly delivery trip that i have been doing for over 40 years and i never get held up anyware .apart from crashes .

    Pity i am an adult now as i would have loved to be out the front taking car numbers as we did when we were kids .just for fun ..

  • Janice says:

    Tony, thank you for your continued interest. STAG has evolved over the past 2 weeks and we now have marketing people to take it to the next level. There is also a Blog Spot staga303 which I will up date most days but have been away for the weekend. You may also like to check out http://www.WisBAng where there’s lots of information about the cause and the new slogan: HS2 unproven JAM tomorrow, act now on SH2 (stonehenge dualling) get rid of the jam today!

  • Hi Janice – Just a minor correction to your response to Tony, above. The WiSBAng blog can be found at: and not http://www.WisBAng

    Just for the record, we are running a video competition that some of your readers might wish to enter:

    We are also looking for ideas for other competitions and, of course, a few sponsors for prizes!

  • Roy Hastings says:

    Today visited Amesbury library to pick up a Resident Pass for Stonehenge. Was informed that they have no passes available. They were told some long while ago that the new passes would be available within 2 weeks but have had no word since as to when a supply will be sent, despite regular calls to English Heritage.
    Cynically, this could be evidence that English Heritage plot to exclude local residents from the site until after the Visitor Centre opening on 18th December.

    • Janice says:

      Thank you for that Roy. I agree with your final para, but fear not, we have another plan in hand that may not require entry to the site on the 18th ….just for you to stay nice and cosy in your car!!! Watch for further info……

  • David HASSETT says:

    Reply to Roy Hastings:

    Hello Roy,

    Have just spoken to Amesbury Library and the lady advised new passes ‘ought to be here in about a week’ and to ‘please keep calling'; so, I think we have to take them at their word. Now if they had said they wouldn’t be available until,e.g. 20th December, now that would have rung warning bells…..

  • tony bull says:

    I have my pass and will support the open day . Tony .

    • says:

      Glad you have your pass! A new lot of passes – apparently updated – should have been delivered by now to the Amesbury library.

  • tony bull says:

    i think as long as you can prove you are a local resident ,mr Chub donated the stones to the local community and stipulated free entry,all that is required is a proof of address,,i may be wrong but it is in my grey matter,possibly hidden by all the free pop festival memories ..ah happy days .

  • Janice says:

    Hello Tony, if you Google: – General Disquiet has lots of information about the entry thing and lots of other stuff too, all linked with our campaign…you’ll need to allow lots of time on the site tho’!

  • Steve Gray says:

    Although I don’t live in the area I empathise and sympathise with local residents so am happy to support the petition. One thing that also struck me as I sat on the A303 in traffic for 30 minutes yesterday was that this is rather embarrassing given that Stonehenge is world famous, and therefore visited by people from all over the world, yet has such a terrible traffic system – what kind of impression of our country does that give? Perhaps that is another angle you could use to try and gain additional leverage.

    • STAG says:

      Thank you for commenting Steve and for signing the petition. If you visit blog: It shows how we all feel and what we’re trying to do about it, is all in there!

  • Justin Heath says:

    Following my post last month about the public opening of the visitors’ centre on 18th Dec (hope those eligible have collected their passes), we have now been informed about an event for VIPs and press the day before. We believe that the media will be attending on Tuesday 17th Dec from 8.30 and VIPs from 13.30. We will shortly be issuing a weblink where you can find out how to support STAG’s peaceful protest on either day, which will include both pedestrian action and vehicle convoys. In the meantime, please save the date and times if you can. Thank you, Justin

  • McFluzie says:

    Now you’ve announced it Justin, I can put that “News Flash” on my blog …I was reluctant up till now because of prying eyes!!

  • Ann says:

    How can I find out what time, where exactly, etc. to be on the 17th December at the launch?

    • McFluzie says:

      Hello Ann, if you check out my blog: or
      all the details are there. You can just join the loop any time and stay for as long or short a time as you feel the need. Thanks for your support.

  • Just join the loop between the new roundabout at Airman’s Cross and the one at Longbarrow between 8 and 9 in the morning, or between 1300 and 1600 in the afternoon, As it’s a loop, you will automatically be behind the STAG cortege!

  • Roderick Mackay says:

    The only practical way to propose an extra carriageway is to promote this as a “temporary” construction so that a permanent solution can then be found.
    It is possible to construct a temporary carriageway to the south of the existing carriageway and the heritage authorities would have less power to object.

  • Kathi Baker says:

    Don’t forget about Amesbury when you talk about all the surrounding villages please. We live in London Road, and regularly throughout the summer weekends the road outside our house is a 2-lane car park. It is impossible to get anywhere! I often have to get to Corsham and Bath – the best route used to be the A344 but not possible any more. It has added over 30 minutes to my journey. Also have a daughter living in Shrewton, so have been using the Longbarrow roundabout stupidity to get to/from Salisbury. The road marking is ridiculous – I agree with the comment above re motorists using whichever lane they want.
    Unfortunately the locals also use the rat runs, as it is the only way we can get around, but these are fast(?) becoming as jammed as the main roads.
    Duelling is the only answer, and the quicker the better.

  • dawn says:

    i have just followed a Premier coach from the bustard cross roads all the way through Shrewton village, needless to say it had trouble getting through on a Saturday with children walking and on their bikes. Not sure if it was over the tonnage allowance for the village but it did cause hold ups

  • Dave Hargrave says:

    I have just updated some pictures on the traffic flow which have been sent to the press. They were taken this morning as I drove over the A 303 and as it is almost the end of the year, I thought I would update things on the traffic flow.

    Well great improvements the water is now flowing West bound faster than the traffic, which unfortunately is static as usual by mid morning.

    I did not waste my time by driving round to see the other side of Amesbury, or should I mention Stonehenge, but according to the traffic reports, it is stationary traffic East bound as well.

    I am happy for you to use these in your campaign as some of my pictures have already been used in your reports etc. I would though be grateful, if in future, you could credit them to the supplier.

    I have lived here all my life and although I support your efforts, I wish to remain independent, as I worked 37 years for the WCC with Ian West etc. I do still work for an Authority and also the National press, I hope you understand my position. I will continue to provide things you may fine useful, etc But I will continue to sit on the fence and watch the traffic Not going by.

  • STAG says:

    Hi Kathi, we certainly won’t forget about Amesbury as of course, it works the other way around for us. Our journeys have increased in time and fuel to visit the bank etc and like you, we don’t want to be part of the rat run but have no choice….Blame English Heritage for this one. One of the followers in the peaceful protest on the 17th was from London Road and he joined with his friend both on mototbikes, we had 18 vehicles at one point. STAG are not letting this one go to ground and are already planning our next meeting to see where to go from here. If you visit my blog: and bypasswinterbournestoke too, there’s a lot going on both blogs.

  • melc says:

    they also need a yellow box on the countess roundabout to stop people blocking the traffic coming from amesbury!!

  • Helena Weston says:

    I have lived in Shrewton all my life, I am also bringing up my children in the village. I can’t believe how dangerous the roads in the village have become…especially the high street! We live at Trinity Gardens, we have to pull out of Furlong Way to join the High Street, its dangerous enough with not being able to see around the corner without all the extra traffic. Not only is it hard to see, the idots who tear round that corner not knowing there is a junction around the corner. Before long a child or an elderly person will be seriously hurt or worse as there is only part of a pathway from the Butchers/Hairdressers around to the garage…there is no other pathway, and when its busy you have to keep right in.
    I have signed the petition!

    • says:

      Helena, I sympathise! I have also forwarded your feedback as it is relevant to the 20s Plenty campaign as well as the STAG activity.
      Take care!

  • Paul Timlett says:

    Helena, come along to the village meeting on 18 March where there will be talks about the Neighbourhood Plan and about the speeding through Shrewton. We’ll be talking about the possibility of applying to Wiltshire Council for a reduction in the speed limits here.

  • CWL says:

    I live in Steeple Ashton (near Trowbridge) and drive to my work in Basingstoke every weekday (65 miles each way). For almost a year I suffered the Stonehenge visitor centre works and the four-way traffic signals at the crossroads formerly the site of Airman’s Cross that caused me up to 12 minutes delay both mornings and evenings. I lived in hope that the new Longbarrow roundabout would not slow my morning journey when the A344 was eventually closed and would also reduce my homeward journey’s west-bound traffic chaos on the A303 that regularly backed up way before the bottleneck approaching Stonehenge; for me that’s mainly a problem going home on Fridays during the summer and on bank holidays so for these occasions I take a “rat-run” off the A303 at blah, blah, blah, coming out onto the A360 after Orcheston. Well, the whilst new Longbarrow roundabout layout is reasonably good, in my experience no-one seems to understand that the three lanes clearly marked by white lines and arrows should allow a certain amount of filtering for traffic turning left at any of the four exits. Everyone already on the A303 is selfishly scrambling for position and will prematurely cross the lane lines and not allow vehicles to filter onto the A303, thus causing unnecessary delays – even at 7:15 in the morning. Now, in the evenings, I am using my rat-run a little more often because I have learned where to look to in the far distance to see queueing traffic and can confidently make the decision whether to divert or not.

    Dual-ing the A303 must be made soon, not really for my benefit because I have to go through Shrewton anyway, but for the sake of Shrewton, Tilshead, Lavington, Erlestoke and Eddington who all suffer the negative effects of HGV drivers who rely on SatNavs to get them past the Stonehenge bottleneck, wherever they are coming from or going to. Maybe not connected, but just this morning a huge HGV from Belgium caused some minor chaos at Eddington, with cars reversing back into two side roads so the continental juggernaught could eventually pass. It was very early but just this one errant vehicle stopped several cars getting on with their journey to work. Why the lorry was so far off the beaten track is a complete mystery to me, knowing what’s not around these parts that can take such a large delivery, but when the drivers know what they can expect at Stonehenge what’s to stop them finding an alternate route, however unsuitable it is?

    You may ask why I don’t travel by train; well, I started to do so. I bought a Brompton folding bicycle so I could easily take it on the train and cycle to and from the stations at either end, I’m over 60 so I can buy a £28 annual card to save a third off the cost of the daily rail fare bringing it in line with the petrol cost for the little Citroen C1 I drive. However, for reasons best known to themselves, First Great Western stopped the service that had been my homeward connection at Salisbury, leaving me with a 40 minute wait for the next scheduled train. This increased my homeward train journey to over 3 hours, compared to an average 90 minutes in the car despite the traffic. Getting to the station at 6:00am and getting home at almost 8:30pm is not really conducive to a happy and healthy work-life balance.

    Now I’ve got that off my chest I’m off to sign the petition. Good luck with your plight.

    p.s. My sincere sympathies to all Shrewton (and Tilshead) villagers who are and have suffered throughout the current flooding problems.

    • STAG Leader says:

      Hello CWL sorry for the delay in replying – been away on a wee holiday! Thank you for your sympathies in the last para and as you would expect with a community like Shrewton, we all pulled together and “got over it”!
      You must enjoy your job to be having such a long day – I can recommend retirement tho’ having created STAG I’m busier than ever! Re your comment about the HGV from Belgium is obviously SAT Nav based and if you read my blog: you will see that unfortunately, we have worse to come…read “coming to a road near you”. John Glen secured a 90 minute debate on A303 dualling on 4th March where STAG were mentioned a number of times and it’s all looking quite promising for the long term. You can read all about it on the blog too. My best wishes and perhaps think about retirement??

  • tony bull says:

    Today25/3/14 its being reported that traffic camera’s are in position at the following positions , A303 Countess,Bulford,Larkhill on the rat run ,looks like someone is taking notice of our plight .

    • Janice says:

      Hi Tony, I’ll send you the map….Appendix A Survey Location to be in place 24th – 30th March and again
      4th – 10th August….beware….you are being watched and counted!!

  • William says:

    As a regular user of the A303 – a major route to the West Country – I am dismayed that the recent roadworks have caused heavy tailbacks from the roundabout at Amesbury to Longbarrow. Now that the roadworks are finished, the heavy tailbacks continue. Yesterday 12th April 2014 it took me about half an hour to travel 5 miles. It seems to me that closing the road from A303 to Stonehenge has forced visitors to Stonehenge (a World Heritage site) to significantly increase their mileage to their own detriment and to that of other A303 motorists. A really dumb bit of road planning if ever I saw one! So, transport planners – get your act together and sort out this mess!!

  • tony bull says:

    today at 1200 noon on monday the 14 th April,cars are queing westbound from Solstice park.

  • Ian Smith says:

    It is incredible that this situation has dragged on so long. I wish you every success with your campaign. Millions of people in the South West and who travel down here on holiday fully support you too. Good luck!

  • We love to visit Somerset, Wiltshire and Devon for weekends and week-long holidays but the traffic problems in this area even out of season are making us reconsider our destinations. The one lane/two lane messing about is ridiculous and visitors to Stonehenge must wonder what on earth is going on! The county of Dorset is becoming much more appealing when accompanied by young children stuck in a car for a considerable length of time. We are loathe to change our forward plans as these areas could really benefit from the trade after the recent terrible weather. The local villages are taking the brunt of this inadequate planning and becoming dangerous bottlenecks – so please, please, please get your act together for everyone’s sake.

    • McFluzie says:

      Vivienne, I’m sorry you are considering changing your “days out” all because of the hold ups on the A303…but Dorset is a beautiful county anyway. You can come back to us when we get that road sorted! Hope you signed our petition and check out the website: and keep up with our blogs

  • Tony Bull says:

    On friday the 2nd of May,i will be out at the bottleneck with the brilliant new sign board (thank you Janice ) ,handing out the excellent new style flyers on the westbound crawl,i might start making up sandwich packs, and selling them with bottles of pop,just kidding ,probably need half a dozen licenses if i did .