The Parish Council represents the residents of Shrewton and holds monthly meetings with the minutes published and available here. The Council is generally the first place of contact for local issues – please click here to contact the Parish Council.

The councillors are elected – with the elections held at the same time as local elections – with the possibility of adding “co-opted” members between elections if vacancies arise. The details of each councillor are held in the records of Wiltshire Council.

The Council holds meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at the Methodist Hall. These are open meetings that anyone interested can attend – and you really would be welcome!

The agenda varies but items that may be discussed are always topical – planning, roads and paths, grants and funding are currently items of interest to us all. The approved minutes of meetings are also made public – here on this website and also for a month on the Parish Notice Board.

The Council has some funds that can be used by local organisations. Recent grants and donations will be found on the Parish Council page – when that’s written! Please contact us at the Parish Council to make your own grant application.

The Council is also sent masses of information that affects Shrewton and the surrounding area – road closures, crime in the area, what the MOD is doing on the plain and so on. Also national items such as  the “Localism Act” (which affects local planning among other things) are sent to the Council. Links to some of these can be found on the Useful Links page. Some of this information is of general interest – items like the Cultural Table for instance – and copies of these are kept on the site.

The Council is also in touch with other local Parish councils, particularly in theTill and Wylye Valley Electoral Division of the Amesbury Community Area, Wiltshire County Council, our members of parliament, many other public bodies and charitable organisations.  So your Council is a great point of contact for you to find out more about things that affect you. If you know of others that would be of general interest to the Shrewton Community, please click here and let us know.

The Council is also responsible for keeping the village up to scratch – sweeping and cleaning bus shelters, keeping paths clear, making sure road signs are in place, having the roads fixed and gulleys cleaned out. Some of these are organised by the Council, others are actions requested of others by the Council. So if you see something is amiss, let the Council know on the Contact Us page. The council is also involved with the emergency teams – flooding and snow in particular and advice can be found here.

So, a lot goes on! To see more of what is happening please look at other pages on the website.